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Our Mission

Our Mission

Bring awareness to all that love binds us together.  No matter our differences, our love for one another will pull us through.  We are stronger together and here to make a difference.  


Our Vision

Friends become family, their unconditional love and loyalty bring them together in harmony, changing the world together. 

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Carol Linnee's Critters is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping both children and animals. Founded in August 2022 by Carol Linnee, our mission is to improve the lives of kids and creatures alike.


Meet our adorable critters: Ace the playful pit bull puppy, Tabitha the curious kitten, Wolfie the adventurous wolf pup, Layla the spirited leopard cub, Bailey the friendly bat, Frankie the wise owl, Gideon the brave alligator, and Slim the slithery snake. Each of them has a unique story, but they all share a bond of care and love that helps them overcome challenges.


















At Carol Linnee's Critters, we believe in being there for every child in need. Many children leaving hospitals after traumatic experiences don't have suitable clothing to wear home. Sometimes, their families can't afford new clothes, leaving them in torn, blood-stained garments.


That's where we step in. We provide new clothing to children's hospitals and urgent cares across metro Detroit. Our volunteers not only deliver clothing but also bring along therapy animals. Each child receives a stuffed animal critter as a symbol of our care, love, and support.


Together, with your help, we can make a real difference in the lives of these children and animals.

We Need Your Support Today!

Carol Linnee's Critters -7.png
Let's talk about the amazing person behind Carol Linnee's Critters!


Carol Linnee's love for animals started at a young age. From rescuing turtles with her dad to working in animal hospitals while studying Biology at Grand Valley State University, animals have always been her passion.


What really sparked her inspiration was seeing how therapy animals can positively impact children. She dreamed of making that impact a reality by bringing animals into the lives of children in need.


Carol Linnee understands firsthand the challenges of going through tough times. She's overcome her own traumas and wants to show children, especially those who've been through similar experiences, that they're not alone. They're loved, valued, and supported every step of the way. That's why she created Carol Linnee's Critters.


With her eight adorable critters, Carol Linnee aims to touch the hearts of many children and adults alike. She's excited about the joy and comfort they'll bring to those who need it most!

Some well loved, some misunderstood, all friends with differences. 

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